Official Top 10 Best Portable Air Conditioners UK

Ernovo Portable Air Conditioner

Best Portable Air Conditioners UK.

Having dependable cooling during peak summer months is an affordable luxury.

For older homes, a portable air conditioning unit can be the perfect solution — they are easy to install, cheaper than wall mounted models, and energy efficient.

Below are my top picks for portable air conditioners. Prices range from £229 to £499.

Portable air conditioners UK:

 #1 Top Pick: Pifco P40013 Review

Pifco Mobile Air Conditioner

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The Pifco P40013 air conditioner unit is one of the hottest portable air conditioner in the UK.

It is very affordable and includes a lot of the new features reserved for high-end portable air conditioners.

Cooling Power: 9000 BTU

Rooms Size: 24 – 30 sq.m.

Pifco portable air conditioner is designed w/ a high-powered AC motor which quickly cools medium-size rooms.

It is also ideal for anyone wanting an energy efficient portable air conditioner.

Using the remote control, you can select the energy-saving “Sleep” function. The ac motor will work to maintain cooler temps at lower energy consumption and also operate a much quieter noise level.

Full Pifco P40013 Portable Air Conditioner Review >>

If using as a home office or bedroom portable air conditioner, the Sleep Mode will be very useful feature.

Fair price and lots of happy buyer reviews!

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#2.) MeacoCool Portable Air Conditioners

MeacoCool 10000BTU Portable Air Conditioner

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The MeacoCool 10000CH portable air conditioner is an affordable 3-in-1 unit.

As an all-year unit it is perfect for medium size rooms — Buyers say use it as a supplemental cooling solution, but it is powerful enough to be used as a primary air conditioner too.

MC Series: 1000CH

Cooling: 10000 BTU

Areas: 18 – 28m²

MeacoCool is great for pre-cooling rooms — using the AC timer function, you can set it to start cooling a few minutes before going to bed.

The MeacoCool 10000CH is the most popular, but is available in 2 other sizes (including a AC/heater combo).

MeacoCool MC Room Size Noise Level Heater
8000BTU15 - 25m²50 decibelsNo
9000BTU16 - 26m²53 decibelsNo
10000BTU18 - 28m²56 decibelsNo
10000BTU CH18 - 28m²56 decibelsYes

Buyers like the affordable price and high-performance.

It’s a bit of a newer portable air conditioner, but is receiving good buyer reviews.

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#3.) DeLonghi Portable Air Conditioners

De'Longhi PAC AN112 Air Conditioner

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The DeLonghi PAC AN112 Pinguino is the top seller in UK and DE.

As one of the quietest portable air conditioning units available, it will always operate under 52 decibels (even on max power).

If you are looking for a bedroom option, this would be my choice!

Power: 11000BTU

Areas: 110 m³

Noise: 46 – 52 dBs

Buyers say it offers fast cooling as well.

Perfect for medium sized areas, it includes a built-in thermostat.

For dehumidify mode, the PAC AN112 can remove 32 litres daily — better than most portable air conditioning units on my list.

Buyers love the new “Real Feel” function — the machine will automatically adjust speed/power to create the ideal climate and humidity level.

Read Full DeLonghi PAC AN112 Review >>

DeLonghi PAC AN112 is expensive, but earned A+ Class rating for energy efficiency (which is rare).

Very good buyer reviews.

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#4.) Trotec Portable Air Conditioners UK

TROTEC Mobile Air Conditioner

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Trotec PAC 2000 E is a mid-sized, affordable portable air conditioning unit.

Its lower price tag has made it popular among millennials — especially those living in university dormitories or first home owners.

Power: 7,200 BTU

Rooms: 65 m²

Trotec PAC 2000 E Local fits snuggly anywhere in your home. For city flats, many buyers like putting it in the corner where it is less obtrusive.

Temp: 16°C – 35°C

As a powerful 7000 BTU portable AC unit it is very good at dispersing cool air evenly + quickly throughout a room.

Noise level can range from 50-65 decibels, depending on distance and speed.

Additional features include:

powerful dehumidifier (18 liters/day), lower power usage + eco-friendly refrigerant

Good buyer ratings w/ affordable price.

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#5.) DeLonghi PAC N82 Review

DeLonghi PAC N82 ECO

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The DeLonghi PAC N81 Pinguino Air-to-Air comes with quiet “silent” technology for minimal noise levels.

At max power, noise levels remain below 52 decibels — good benefit for light sleepers!

AC Model: PAC N82 ECO

Room size: 80 sq. metres

Noise (dBs): 50 – 52 decibels

Buyers say it’s quiet for sleeping and powerful enough for big bedrooms. For a smaller air conditioner, users were surprised how fast it cools rooms.

Like most DeLonghi Pinguino portable air conditioning units, install is very quick.

Install: 10-15 minutes

DeLonghi PAC N81 includes a dehumidifier — removes up to 32 litres daily.

Very good UK buyer ratings online.

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#6.) Klarstein Metrobreeze portable air conditioner

Klarstein Metrobreeze Air Conditioner

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Klarstein Metrobreeze Rome portable ac is great for controlling room temperature.

LCD panel shows a read-out of the current room temperature — using the remote control you can change +1/-1 degrees celsius.

Power: 10.000 BTU/h

Temperature: 18 – 30°C

Very energy efficient, the Klarstein Metrobreeze Rome has a Class A rating and uses an eco-friendly refrigerant (for cooling).

Buyers say it’s a little louder than wanted, but use “sleep mode” to reduce noise at night — the Klarstein Metrobreeze Rome is quiet when maintaining temperatures.

Also includes.

multiple fan speeds, easy install kit (10-mins), drying/dehumidify modes

Newer unit, but so far good buyer reviews.

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#7.) DeLonghi PAC Air Conditioners UK

DeLonghi PAC AN97 Pinguino

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The DeLonghi AN97 is designed for large rooms.

Cooling: 10,700 BTU/h (2.7 kw)

Rooms: 55.7 sq. metres

Dehumidifier includes “No Drip” technology which recycles condensation so it will not leak.

User friendly controls come w/ adjustable thermostat + 3 different fan speeds.

You can also adjust temperature w/ the remote control and it’s very quiet.

Noise level (dBs): 50 – 52 decibels

For light sleepers, the DeLonghi AN 97 portable air conditioner is worth considering.

Read Full DeLonghi PAC AN97 Review >>

Downside – it is expensive.

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#8.) Trotec PAC 2000 Local AC

TROTEC Mobiles Klimagerät

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Trotec PAC 2010 E is trending to be a top selling portable air conditioner in 2019.

More expensive than comparable units, but has better efficiency + WiFi functionality (using the portable app).

Power: 7.200 BTU

Rooms: 65 m³

Includes adjustable temperature using the Trotec portable app — you can also select mode, speed, and power settings.

Temperature: 16°C – 30°C

Another benefit is its low noise operation.

Buyers confirm that it operates very quietly which makes it ideal as a bedroom air conditioner.

Noise: 49 – 53 dBs

Includes a powerful dehumidifier which can remove up to 45 liters of air moisture per day.

Overall, the Trotec is an affordable unit with all the basic features.

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#9.) Klarstein New Breeze Portable Air Conditioner

Klarstein New Breeze 9 Mobile AC Unit

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The Klarstein New Breeze ECO is an affordable unit with powerful cooling.

As a 3-in-1 portable ac it includes the air conditioner, dry/dehumidifier and 4 fan speeds.

Using the remote control, you can set the room temperature you want + switch modes of operation.

Power: 10,000 BTU/h (2.9 kW)

Noise (dBs): < 52 decibels

Temperature: 16°C – 30°C

Very energy efficient, the Klarstein New Breeze 9 is awarded Class A for energy efficiency.

Other features include:

24-hour timer, eco-friendly refrigerant (R32), easy installation

Available in white or black.

Lots of positive buyer reviews — many love its affordable price.

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#10.) DeLonghi Portable Air Conditioners UK

Delonghi PAC EX100 Portable Air Conditioner Unit

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The DeLonghi PAC EX100 Pinguino is a “silent” portable air conditioning unit.

It achieved A++ Class rating for energy efficiency (very rare) — it also comes w/ new Real Feel function for ideal temp/humidity levels.

Power: 10,000 BTU

Rooms: 110 m³ (250 sq. ft.)

Dehumidifier: 32 liters daily

Buyers love the ‘Real Feel’ function.

Instead of manually adjusting, the DeLonghi PAC EX100 automatically changes its mode and power settings for the perfect room temp + humidity level.

Read Full DeLonghi PAC EX100 Review >>

PAC EX100 Pinguino is also operates very quietly.

Noise Level (dBs): 47-50 decibels

Only has a few reviews, but buyers are happy with its performance.

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Notable #1 — Klarstein Metrobreeze Portable Air Conditioners UK

UK Klarstein Metrobreeze 12 Portable AC

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The Klarstein Metrobreeze portable air conditioner is a powerful, 3-in-1 unit.

It’s designed for medium to large rooms — great for older homes!

Power: 12.000 BTU [Energy Class A]

Effective area: 15 – 20m²

Using the remote control you can set your desired temperature.

Temp range: 16°C – 32°C

Includes eco-mode for auto turn-off after 8 hours — very useful if you plan on having it run all night.

Also includes sleep mode for keeping decibel noise lower

Klarstein Metrobreeze is a dependable portable air conditioning unit with positive ratings.

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Notable #2 — Klarstein 9000 BTU Portable AC

Best Portable Air Conditioners UK

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The Klarstein Metrobreeze 9 New York offers 3-in-1 functionality.

As a newer model, the Klarstein Metrobreeze lets you select your temperature.

Buyers like that it cools rooms very fast — you will feel an immediate decrease in temperature in minutes.

Klarstein Metrobreeze will achieve your desired temp within 20-mins.

Cooling: 9000 BTU/h (2,65 kW)

Rooms: 15 – 20 sq. metres

Temperature: 17 – 30°C

The dehumidifier is also high performance — it’s able to remove 45 litres of air moisture daily.

Many buyers purchased for their home office or city flat.

Added features:

easy install, sleep mode, energy-efficient compressor

Klarstein Metrobreeze is an affordable model with positive reviews.

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