Costway Portable AC Review

Costway Portable Air Conditioner Review

Costway Portable AC (air conditioner model # PAC1202W)

Even with the year winding down, right now might be a good idea to invest in a portable AC – prices are a little lower and most are in stock.

For an easily-portable, compact air conditioner, the Costway 10,000 BTU is might be exactly what you need!

Light weight, yet powerful & portable air conditioner that can cool 200 square ft. rooms – small living rooms, mid size bedrooms, and home offices

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Costway Portable Air Conditioner

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How does it work?

Costway gives you the cooling efficiency of central air conditioning, but at the same time saving you from additional expenses. Besides keeping the temp low, this unit also serves as a dehumidifier – remove up to 107 pints in 24 hours.

** Advanced Continuous Drainage System also helps purify the air as well. 

Central air cooling is an expensive option not many can afford. Therefore, every company works towards producing energy efficient units that will helps reduce the amount of electricity (decreases your energy bills!)

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By purchasing Costway, you get an energy efficiency rate of 8,900 BTU/Wh which will save you the money you would otherwise spend on electricity bills.

One of the unique features of Costway is the auto swing louvers. They constantly swing up and down unless you set them at a certain position manually. By doing this, they keep the cool air flowing, maintaining the low temperature for a longer period.

Costway Portable AC

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Another feature I really like is the reusable filter which can be washed and reused again multiple times. This allows you to continuously use the portable air conditioner at its maximum performance.

You can clean the filters regularly to maximize its performance and efficiency, and to prolong the conditioner’s life.

What you will get

  • 1 Costway portable ac unit
  • Installation parts
  • Exhaust hose
  • Window kit parts
  • Remote control with batteries
  • 4 smooth glide wheels

Costway Portable AC – Features:

  • 10,000 BTU
  • Measures: 12″ X 13.3″ X 28.1″
  • Temp range from 62 to 86 degrees
  • 3 fan modes; Sleep function, Washable pre-filter, & 24-hour timer
  • An energy-efficiency rate of 8.9 BTU/Wh
  • Built-in dehumidifier removing up to 107 pints in 24 hours
  • Auto Swing louvers
  • A reusable filter
  • Exhaust hose extending up to 48 inches
  • LED display with mode indicator lights
  • 24-hour timer

Customer reviews and thoughts

Costway has excellent online reviews – many which note how quick and effective it is as a portable air conditioner.  See buyer review here

The lightweight of Costway is something customers find convenient. They talk about how easy it is to move the unit from room to room and utilize it to the max. Also, the quiet operation has helped many to sleep better at night. The air conditioner produces minimal noise, so sleeping with it turned on is not a problem even for the light sleepers.

Costway Portable AC Review

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Another thing buyers have mentioned in the reviews is the cheap price of this unit. It’s relatively cheaper than most portable air conditioners on the market, but its cooling capacity is almost the same as the cooling capacity of the expensive units.

Additional features such as the remote control and smooth glide wheels make this unit more user-friendly for everyone.

Buyers praise the ability to set their settings from a distance with the remote control. It makes things easier, especially for elder people or those who have difficulties moving and walking.

Looking at what Costway offers, it’s easy to see why it has such big demand on the market. It’s a contemporary, versatile portable air conditioner that provides you with everything you need to maintain your rooms cooler during hot summer days. 

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