ILIFE A8 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review

ILIFE A8 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Review of A8 robot vacuum. 

Not all have lived up to the hype… issues w/ suction power + getting lost in open-layout homes.

Fortunately the newer generation has made the adjustments, and the ILIFE family of robot vacuums are becoming one of the most popular brands online.

The new generation of ILIFE robot vacuum cleaners are a huge leap in technology compared to years prior.

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ILIFE A8 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Review

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New navigation with I-Voice Technology helps make the ILIFE A8 a super convenient robotic vacuum w/ realtime status updates or if it needs attention (i.e. gets lost).

PanoView navigation enables the ILIFE A8 to clean methodically and thoroughly in record time – it vacuums thoroughly and with good speed.

Along w/ Gen 3 CyclonePower it can handle mostly any type of mess:

  • Clumps of dog hair
  • Embedded dirt within the carpet
  • Dry dirt stuck on hardwood floor

ILIFE A8 Robot Vacuum Review:

A8 will map your home automatically and create an orderly cleaning plan according to the layout of your home.

Intelligent system avoids omissions or cleaning the same area twice. The A8 continuously scans its surroundings so it will never bump into furniture or tumble down stairs.

ILIFE A8 has built in I-Voice technology so it can tell you what it is doing or if it requires attention.

Also has improved stabilization compared with its competitors; the extra-large road-rover wheels stabilize A8 as it moves across different surfaces and avoids obstacles.

The A8 will detect when the batteries are running low and will automatically return to the charging pad. When recharged, it remembers its position and the planned route – resumes cleaning with the original coordinates generated by its built-in gyroscope.

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ILIFE A8 Robot Vacuum

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Working alternately, the bristle brush picks up dirt and cleans carpet, and the rubber brush works on hard floors and prevents debris from winding around it.

With the upgraded power system, the A8 will pick up everything from dropped food and debris to pet hair, leaving your floors spotless.

What you will get?

  • ILIFE A8 robotic vacuum cleaner
  • Charging pad
  • Bristle brush
  • Rubber brush
  • Users manual
  • Lithium battery

ILIFE A8 robotic vacuum cleaner features include:

  • Pano-view navigation enables A8 to clean methodically
    • Faster than other robotic vacuums on the market.
  • Maps out your home + creates an orderly cleaning plan 
  • Avoids cleaning the same area 2x
  • Gen 3 cyclone power system delivers high power suction
  • Continuously scans its surroundings
  • Won’t run into furniture or pets, or tumble down stairs.
  • I-Voice technology for realtime updates
  • Extra-large road rover wheels for stability
  • Auto-charge feature – A8 returns to the charging pad when the batteries are running low.
  • Bristle brush picks up dirt + cleans carpet.
  • Rubber brush works on hardwood floors.

ILIFE A8 Robot Vacuum Review

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ILIFE A8 Review:

The ILIFE A8 robot vacuum appears to deliver on convenience and effectiveness – with so many strong buyer reviews online it looks to be one of the top robovacs of the year.

And with it being very affordable, I think it’s perfect if this is your first robot vacuum purchase.

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