Top 8 Ductless Mini Split Heat Systems

Ductless Mini Split Heat Pump Review

Best Mini Split AC & Heat Pump.

Top mini split units: 

#1.) Senville SENA Mini Split System
#2.) Pioneer Split Heat Pump + AC

#3.) MRCOOL DIY Mini Split System
#4.) Senville SENL Mini Split Heater + AC
#5.) Pioneer Ductless Heater + Air Conditioner
#6.) DuctlessAire Mini Split Heat Pump + AC
#7.) Pioneer Ductless Heat System & AC
#8.) Gree Heat Pump and AC System

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 #1 Top Pick: Senville SENA Mini Split

Senville Mini Split Heat Pump Air Conditioner

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Energy Star rated for its ultra-high efficiency and performance, Senville Aura mini split heat pump + AC is perfect for bedrooms, living rooms, offices or restaurants/bars.

The bulk of the system is located in the outdoor condenser which keeps most of the noise outside.

You will also notice the indoor air handler which acts as a muffler when the heat pump or air conditioner is turned on – it is practically silent! (especially helpful when you have it on max output)

The Senville (SENA) mini split has multiple BTU sizes.

Senville ACPowerRoom SizeEfficiency
SENA-09HF/Z9000 BTU100 - 500 sq. ft.25.0 SEER
SENA-12HF/Z12,000 BTU500 - 750 sq. ft.22.5 SEER
SENA-18HF/Z18,000 BTU750 - 1250 sq. ft.20.0 SEER
SENA-18MO-20918,000 BTU750 - 1250 sq. ft.22.5 SEER
SENA-24HF/Z24,000 BTU1250 - 1500 sq. ft.20.5 SEER
SENA-36HF/Z36,000 BTU1500 - 2500 sq. ft.16 SEER
SENA-36MO-21836,000 BTU1500 - 2500 sq. ft.22.5 SEER

* SEER = Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio; shows how much energy input is needed for heating/cooling output. (higher SEER is better)

One of the more unique features is the Senville “Follow Me” function on the remote control.

It comes with a built-in thermostat so you can gauge the room’s temperature from the remote control’s location instead of the unit’s — much better reading of the true temperature of the room. (very nice feature only sold with Senville Mini Split systems)

The Senville SENA system comes with everything you need — including an easy installation kit with a 16 ft. copper line, variable speed compressor, and DC inverter (to minimize electrical consumption.)

Lots of positive buyer reviews confirm the Senville system is easy to install + maintain.


  • Senville ductless heat pump options
    • 9,000 BTU ; 12,000 BTU
    • 18,000 BTU ; 24,000 BTU
  • Low ambient cooling + heating
  • Energy Star Certified
  • Very quiet noise level
  • Copper line set
  • “Follow Me” feature
    • temp adjusts for remote control’s location
  • Great for homes + businesses

Potential Flaws

  • Expensive

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#2.) Pioneer Mini Split Heat Pump + AC

Pioneer Ductless Mini Split Heater Pump

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What separates the Pioneer WYS Series from other ductless units is its seasonal versatility.

The ductless system has 4 different modes – each can be adjusted using the remote control.

  • heating pump system
  • air conditioner
  • dehumidifier
  • ventilation

It is nearly a full HVAC system without the enormous installation costs. (in fact, HVAC systems typically do not have a dehumidification function)

As a mini split heat pump system, this specific Pioneer series is very easy to install + offered in 6 different sizes.

Pioneer WYSHeat PumpCooling
WYS009-179,000 BTU / Hr9,000 BTU / Hr
WYS012-1712,000 BTU / Hr12,000 BTU / Hr
WYS018-1718,000 BTU / Hr18,000 BTU / Hr
WYS024-1724,000 BTU / Hr24,000 BTU / Hr
WYS030-1730,000 BTU / Hr30,000 BTU / Hr
WYS036-1736,000 BTU / Hr36,000 BTU / Hr

Notice: heat pump system output = ductless air conditioning output

Another aspect I love is the fully functional remote control.

Cloud programmable, WiFi remote control + auto restart function will auto save your settings

Scenario: Weather issue occurs and there is a temporary power outage, the Pioneer system will automatically restore your most recent setting even if you are not at home.

* useful if you live in an area prone to weather damage


  • Popular Heating: 36,000 BTU
    • 5 additional sizes available
  • Includes installation kit
  • Timer function
  • Cloud programmable remote control
  • Beautiful front panel display
    • Includes LED visual of room temp
  • 4 operating modes!
  • Great customer service
  • Auto restart function

Potential Flaws

  • Some customers experienced flare joint leaks

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#3.) MRCOOL DIY Mini Split System

MRCOOL Ductless Mini Split Heat Pump Air Conditioner

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The MRCOOL mini split heat pump is a DIY ductless heat pump.

It features “Quick Connect” installation — buyers confirm that it isn’t overly complicated, but can take 1-2 hours to set up.

The upside is that it’s a cheaper mini split system.

It also comes with mobile app functionality.

Through the app you have full temp control —  change the unit function (heating or cooling) + adjust temperature from anywhere with WiFi!

With a more streamlined, svelte appearance, this heat pump system will not be an eyesore in your home – in fact, I think it has a nice, clean look to it.

Other mini split features include:

  • sleep mode and timer
  • leakage detection alarm
  • heat pump controls
  • ambient cooling and air conditioning
  • memory to recall last-used setting
  • automatic restart (in case of power outage)

I admire the thought that went into designing this system. MRCOOL’s outdoor condenser is corrosion resistant to stand tough against all weather, and the 10 year limited warranty shows this system is built to last!


  • Heating: 12,000 BTU
  • Easy DIY installation
  • Great customer reviews!
  • Smart app for Android and iPhone!
  • Sleep Mode
  • Remote control!
  • Leakage detection alarm

Potential Flaws

  • Some customers felt it should heat/cool a larger area

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#4.) Senville SENL Mini Split System

Senville Split Heat System and Air Conditioner (SENL)

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Designed with DC inverter technology, the Senville LETO Series Mini Split Pump is one of the most affordable ductless heating options – ideal for studio apartments, single bedrooms, or even small offices.

Most popular heat pump model is the 24,000 BTU per hour model, but is sold in 4 different size options.

⭐⭐ Most Affordable Mini Split Heat Pump System ⭐⭐

Each model is affordable but they will require professional installation which adds upfront costs. However, it is not a complicated project so a contractor should not be too expensive.

Senville Mini SplitPowerRoom SizeEfficiency
SENL-09CD9,000 BTU100 - 500 sq. ft.15.0 SEER
SENL-12CD12,000 BTU500 - 750 sq. ft.15.0 SEER
SENL-18CD18,000 BTU750 - 1250 sq. ft.15.0 SEER
SENL-24CD24,000 BTU1250 - 1500 sq. ft.15.0 SEER

Senville LETO comes with a 16 foot insulated copper line and full installation kit (including a wiring harness) — you will not need to purchase additional accessories for installation.

I like that this ductless unit includes a programmable infrared remote control, making controlling your settings a breeze.

Whisper Technology makes the indoor air handler practically silent, a real bonus for nighttime use in bedrooms.


  • Heating: 24,000 BTU
  • Price: Very affordable
  • Ideal for smaller rooms
  • Infrared remote control
  • Whisper Technology
  • Low Ambient Control
  • Includes copper line installation kit

Potential Flaws

  • Must be professionally installed

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#5.) PIONEER Dual Split Heat Pump + AC

PIONEER Multi Split Heat Pump and Air Conditioner

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Pioneer’s dual split system is likely the best mini split heat pump if you need to heat multiple rooms.

Multi-Split Heat Pump comes with one heavy duty outdoor unit and option to purchase up to 4 wall-mounted indoor air handlers, allowing you to customize air flow to fit your exact needs.

Pioneer Mini SplitHeating PumpAir Conditioner
Dual Split (2 Zones)2,225- 23,475 BTU/h4,197- 19,900 BTU/h
Trio Split (3 Zones)3,690 - 32,860 BTU/h6,630- 30,600 BTU/h
Quad Split (4 Zones)4,940 - 38,000 BTU/h8,190 - 38,500 BTU/h

I like that this duct-free, energy efficient system will help save money on your energy bill every month. Each unit also offers all-in-one heating (full heat pump system), cooling (upgraded air conditioner), dehumidification, and ventilation.

⭐⭐ Best Mini Split Heat Pump for Heating Multiple Rooms ⭐⭐

Multiple LCD screen remote controls are included — one for each indoor air handler, making it easy to adjust your settings. You also receive a 16 foot Installation Kit + washable filters. (You should probably wash filters every 8-16 months, but aside from a chore, mini split maintenance should be a snap.)

I recommend this brand for use in large apartments, multi-room homes, or even light commercial use. This Pioneer mini split model has a beautiful front cover with LED temperature display – very trendy, modern look to it!


  • High SEER ranges: 21.3 – 22.5
  • Multiple options available
    • Dual split = 2 zones
    • Trio split = 3 zones
    • Quad split = 4 zones
  • Attractive front panel w/ LED display
  • Perfect for large, multi-zone homes
  • Energy efficient
  • Multiple LCD screen remote controls
  • Washable, reusable filters for easy maintenance
  • Easy installation kit included
  • Warranty: 2 year parts, 5 year compressor

Potential Flaws

  • Some customers encountered AC issues

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#6.) DuctlessAire Mini Split System

DuctlessAire Mini Split Heat Pump AC

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This Energy Star Certified mini split heat pump + air conditioner makes my recommendations list because it takes quality to the next level.

DuctlessAire designed this powerful system to be very user-friendly and even provides customer service.

It requires professional installation, but this it includes a lot of perks and has very strong customer reviews.

One special feature it offers is 2 Direction Air Vane Technology – since heat naturally rises, this feature will direct cool air up and warmer air down. The result is an even temperature throughout the room, and saves on energy costs.

Includes digital remote control, washable HEPA filter, automatic restart, and a self cleaning mode, making for easy maintenance and use. Built-in electronic diagnostic technology can be used to troubleshoot issues, a great time-saving feature to have!

“Follow Me” feature — gauge the temp from where the remote control is located rather than the unit itself. It sounds like a small feature, but it is an effective way to know the true temperature of the room.

You can even set the heat pump to automatically increase/decrease temperature based on the remote control’s thermostat.


  • Heating: 24,000 BTU
  • Energy Star certified
  • Ultra quiet operation
  • Built-in electronic diagnostic
  • Great customer service!
  • Self cleaning mode!
  • Includes digital remote control
  • Refrigerant leak detection

Potential Flaws

  • Must be professionally installed for valid warranty

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#7.) Pioneer Ceiling Heat Pump + Air Conditioner

PIONEER Ceiling Heat Pump System and Air Conditioning

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With a different take on mini-split design, the Pioneer RYB Series offers a ceiling concealed ducted mini split which includes a full heat pump system and AC — each w/ powerful heating and cooling output.

Unlike other mini split systems which require a wall-mounted air handler, the air flow comes through a duct. Depending on your layout, you can be conceal it behind your ceiling or wall — either choice gives the appearance of a full HVAC system.

I like that Pioneer’s ceiling systems offer ultra-high efficiency, and whisper quiet fans on both indoor and outdoor units. Below is a breakdown of the 7 sizes offered on Amazon. 

Pioneer Mini SplitHeat PumpAir Conditioning
RYB009GMFI10,000 BTU / hour9,000 BTU / hour
RYB012GMFI12,000 BTU / hour12,000 BTU / hour
RYB018GMFI18,000 BTU / hour18,000 BTU / hour
RYB024GMFI24,400 BTU / hour24,000 BTU / hour
RYB036GMFI38,000 BTU / hour36,000 BTU / hour
RYB048GMFI49,500 BTU / hour48,000 BTU / hour

Another great plus is that a separate purchase can get you a WiFi module for programming use with a free downloadable app for iOS and Android as well as being Alexa and Google Voice compatible.


  • Concealed air duct
  • Quiet operation
  • Super powerful compressor
  • Ultra-high efficiency!
  • Whisper quiet noise level
  • WiFi feature available for separate purchase
  • Great customer service

Potential Flaws

  • Expensive for average consumers

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#8.) Gree Wall Mounted Heat Pump

Gree Wall Mounted Heat Pump Air Conditioner Mini Split

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The Gree NEO offers dual zone heating and cooling, with 2 wall-mounted indoor air handlers. This mini split system is very quiet and energy efficient; users will see immediate savings on their energy bills.

The compact, minimalist design allows the indoor units to blend into your decor, a plus for those who are concerned with aesthetics.

Other mini split systems run until the set temperature is reached before shutting off — The G-10 Inverter Technology eliminates abrupt starts and stops. This creates a more subtle and energy efficient way to heat or cool your home.

I find the new sleep function to be a useful, energy saving feature that allows you to design an overnight cycle based on your comfort. Gree offers a great manufacturer’s warranty on this system, with 5 years for parts and 7 years for the compressor, giving you peace of mind.


  • Heating: 18,000 BTU
  • G-10 Inverter Technology means no abrupt starts/stops
  • Energy efficient
  • Great for multiple zones!
  • Quiet operation
  • Multi-function remote controls
  • Sleep function feature

Potential Flaws

  • Installation kit not included

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As you can see there are lot of advantages to owning a ductless mini split heat pump + air conditioning system.

1.) Increased energy efficiency
2.) Much easier installation
3.) Cheaper costs than full HVAC system – mini split requires no invasive ductwork
4.) Ability to customize rooms – such as limiting heat to specific rooms

Hopefully my review helps you find the right ductless mini split heat pump and AC system for the winter ahead!

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