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Roborock S511 Review // Xiaomi Robot Vacuum

Maintaining a clean house gives one immense psychological satisfaction.

Whether you have a large or small apartment, it does not clean itself. Therefore, the need for an excellent vacuum cleaner is vital. Notably, there are so many brands of vacuum cleaners in the market and therefore getting an ideal one suitable for your entire floor needs, is a plus.

Well, for your cleaning convenience, we introduce the Roborock S511 Xiaomi Robot Vacuum Cleaner. This smart, WiFi connected vacuum cleaner is here to give you a productive and systematic cleaning time. Just imagine controlling the vacuum cleaner from your mobile phone. Definitely the best cleaning experience you will ever have.

The Roborock S511 Xiaomi Robot is an upgrade from the original MI Robot and all Robot enthusiasts will be super impressed with its upgraded features.

Roborock S511 Review – What’s improved?

  • Comes with revamped battery capacity
  • High-boosted suction power of 2000 Pa.
  • Dustbin capacity of 480 ml/ 16 oz.
  • Lightweight = easily manageable and portable
  • State of the art mapping function
  • Water box capacity up to 100ml
  • Comes with a 2-in-1 function of a vacuum and a mopping pad
  • Intelligent carpet identification feature
  • Rubber bumper for damage control
  • Great battery – 150 minutes before needing recharge

What makes it special?

Robotic vacuum cleaners are on the rise in general – they do the same work as an upright person vacuum cleaning since it uses the best smart technology in the market.

What I specifically like about the S511 is the price – it’s affordable and includes a ton of features you won’t find in other robot vacuums.

Below are five things that make it stand out from the rest.

#1. Laser Distance Sensor

It comes equipped with a 13 sensor smart navigation system that maps out the room quickly and efficiently.

Upgraded sensors give it a 360-degree perspective – this gives it the ability to navigate easily through the room: knowing where walls are, sensing furniture, and how to get back to its charging dock.

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The vacuum falling down the stairs or getting stuck on obstacles shouldn’t be an issue either. The Roborock S511 perfectly plans its cleaning routes to avoid unnecessary collision with stairs and pets.

With the omnidirectional technology feature, the robot avoids areas that it can bump with its head (top part).

Brilliant! Right?

#2. Intensity on carpet cleaning

With its intelligent carpet identification (which only comes w/ the Roborock technology), the S511 automatically senses carpeted areas and increases for maximum suction power.

This extra boost is needed to absorb micro-particles and deeply embedded dust in your carpet.

#3. Zero Noise

Despite its powerful motor, it gives everyone a zero noise cleaning environment.

You can literally study for a test, work on that analytical project or even put the baby to sleep while cleaning is in progress. This is a huge plus since robotic vacuums are traditionally very loud – even iRobot’s latest version, the Roomba 980 is louder than a normal vacuum.

#4. Roborock S511 Review – Long battery

With the recharge and resume feature, it goes to the base, recharges and continues to finish what it started. Superb vacuum cleaning.

Despite that, with its 5200mAh capacity lithium-ion battery, you’re sure to get 150 minutes of nonstop work from this baby. Compared to other robot vacuums – that’s a lot! Similar robovac batteries last 60-80 mins.

#5. Anti-hair designs

While it is annoying when hairballs and pet fur is all over the house, it’s more annoying when the hair strands entangle on the vacuum. This next-gen vacuum cleaner comes with 3 anti hair designs that not only protect the robot from overheating but also ensure the carpet is pet fur-free for any allergies.

** Dog owners will love it!

How does it work?

When it comes to the Roborock S511 Xiaomi Robot, technology finds its way home. Its exemplary features are a harmonious combination of what makes cleaning very simple and enjoyable.

It is very easy to operate the Roborock S11 especially with its three self-explanatory buttons i.e. the recharge, spot cleaning mode and recharge buttons.

** You can also use the MI HOME app (cute, right?!) for real-time monitoring and scheduling. Vacuuming while at work got so much easier!

The app schedules cleaning times, direction controls and spot cleaning. The best part is that it is compatible with both IOS and Android. As long as you have a working smartphone, you can control the robot even when you are at work.

Home Layout for Roborock Vacuum

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What’s more is that when it mops and sweeps, it’s thorough. It is fitted with a bionic tank that filters the absorption of water keeping just enough water content for mopping.

It also has V type bristles enhanced for a rotation speed of 1350 revs per minute are its main brushes. Besides the main brush, it comes with the Z form brushes on the side.

Now that is a lethal combination perfect for a stainless and sparkling surface.

Roborock S511 Review – What can it clean?

This set of new technology is ideal for all types of floors. From hardwood floors to carpets, this new Roborock Xiaomi, orderly does the job.

Without omission, it crosses over things that are lower than two centimeters and is suitable for any surface. However, do not use it on dark or long pile carpets.

Zoned cleaning

One does not need a physically create a magnetic barrier. With the new Xiaomi, all you need to do is draw the specific area on the map and let it do the work for you.

It works by creating a virtual wall that cruises the robot to clean a particular area. You can also schedule it to clean multiple times in a day.

Do you suffer from allergies?

Worry not. The new Roborock S11 is your permanent solution to sneezing fits during a clean-up with a regular HEPA filter that is washable. It is designed with a Teflon cover providing a great cleaning leaving no pollen, dirt or dust particles behind.

Roborock S511 Review – Conclusion

Having a robot running for about two and a half hours systematically and efficiently cleaning every room in your house is an exciting affair that you don’t want to miss out on.

With its sensors, it ensures that there are no mini-accidents caused in the house when you are not there. This will definitely save you a lot of money when it comes to repairs and maintenance.

Image of Roborock S511 White Robot Vacuum

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It is exciting when you know that even if you are not home and you have guests coming over, a clean house is just a start button away. The MI-App also allows you to monitor the process from wherever you are. All thanks to its WiFi connect feature.

This is a state of the art device that will help you appreciate technology in the cleaning of your house.

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