Top 10 Janome Sewing Machine Reviews

Best Janome Sewing Machines Reviews

Janome Sewing Machines.  The Japanese brand, Janome has been producing some of the top rated sewing machines since their inception in 1860. Janome (pronounced Ja-NO-me) stands for “eye of the snake” – they specialize in intermediate sergers & sewing machines w/ an emphasis on computerized sewing machines. With so many sewing machines to choose from … Read more

Top 10 Best Singer Sewing Machine Reviews

Singer Sewing Machine Review

Singer Sewing Machines.  Singer has been manufacturing sewing machines since 1851. Today they produce many of the world’s top models – from mechanical to computerized sewing machines. Below are my picks for best Singer sewing machine. Prices on my list range, $149 – $399. Singer Heavy Duty Sewing Machines Singer 9960 Sewing Machine Singer Quantum … Read more

Top 10 Best Juki Sewing Machine Review

Juki Sewing Machine Review

Juki Sewing Machine Reviews.  The Juki brand is a top producer for computerized sewing machines in the consumer market. Like Brother and Janome, many of their newer machines cater to intermediate or expert sewers. Popular features include fast stitch speeds (SPM), user-friendly LCD screens, and beautiful fonts (for monogramming). To help you find the right … Read more

Top 10 Brother Sewing Machine Reviews

Best Brother Sewing Machines Guide

Brother Sewing Machines.  Since 1954 Brother has been producing some of the most popular embroidery and sewing machines. What attracts most people to Brother sewing machines is that they are high quality machines but they are also affordable. Below are our picks for best Brother sewing machine in 2020. Prices range $149 – $599. #1.) … Read more

Top 6 Computerized of Sewing Machines

Computerized Sewing Machine

Best Computerized Sewing Machine. Choosing a computerized sewing machine can be a challenge – there’s a ton of new features and each machine caters to a certain type of project. Today’s models are designed for user-friendly, convenient sewing. The LCD screens makes it simple to choose your stitch or adjust speed/length. Some models even connect … Read more

The Brother CS7000i Sewing Machine Review

Brother CS7000i Review

Brother CS7000i Sewing Machine The Brother CS7000i is one of the best sewing machines when you consider the price and functionality. It is the updated model of the original Brother CS6000i sewing machine. Best thing about this computerized sewing machine is that it works well for beginners or anyone just starting to learn how to use … Read more

Top 5 Best Intermediate Sewing Machine

Intermediate Sewing and Quilting Machines

Best Intermediate Sewing Machine.  Updated: November 2020  For those with 2-4 years of sewing experience, it can be a little overwhelming finding the right machine. With so many to choose from here is my list of the best intermediate sewing machines available. Prices range, $249 – $729. #1.) Brother PQ1500SL Review #2.) Juki HZL-DX7 Sewing … Read more